Intimacy in the days of social distancing

If you’ve ever been to one of my classes, this will be a familiar topic: I love talking about intimacy and how people create the exquisite trusting, vulnerable space where they can connect and

Reclaiming NO

When I was a kid, my no was legendary. I was generally obedient, well-mannered, etc… all the things a good girl ought to be. However I was also often described as contrary and had a

Communication: How to ask for what you need

Flirting and teasing with your lover can be very sexy and exciting, and we all know how to express pleasure and satisfaction (those loud sounds neighbors everywhere are familiar with), but what do you do

About Permission

Sometimes, when people ask me about my work, they are surprised that one of the things I do is give clients permission to try something new, to explore a sensation, or set time aside to

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