“One of the most important discoveries I have ever made has been discovering myself. Working with Dr Celina has been a life changing experience. Through our sessions, she has opened up a world of freedom and possibilities. Freedom to be the person I always wished myself to be and possibilities to explore the person I have the potential to become. Her positive energy, enthusiasm and expert knowledge can’t be recommended highly enough.”


“Dr. Celina has truly been a blessing in my life. Her warmth, empathy, compassion, and ability to provide support when it is needed most are nothing short of amazing. She also offers specific, concrete recommendations and advice that create genuine change, and truly positive outcomes. Her humour and naturally playful manner also make even the most serious discussions comfortable and even fun. And her warmth, kindness, patience, and insight all make you feel completely understood and cared for.”


“Celina is one of my most trusted foils who I consult with in a professional context, reporting on and deciphering observations made during my kinbaku rope bondage sessions. She is a rich source of information about human sexuality, someone I can bounce ideas with, and her knowledge, passion, easy-going and open, honest manner enrich our debates, often opening many fresh angles.”


“I was referred to Celina through Dr Patti Britton as Celina had particular experience with fetish interests. With other people, I’d not felt understood; and was anxious that there was no way to balance my needs to sustain my interests – and maintain a healthy marriage.

With Celina’s help, I’ve been able to find ways to balance the demands of family along with my interests.

Celina has an open mind and objectively helped me find practical solutions that allowed me to be me. Its a long road – but I know Celina can help when I get stuck.

I would recommend Celina to anyone struggling with understanding and managing their interests in kink. With respect and experience, she helps you find answers that work for you.”