What is sex coaching?

I’m glad you asked! Coaching is distinctly different than therapy. By design, it supports people who want to explore, improve, expand, and otherwise enhance their lives in a given area. People who are well and have a particular goal in mind find coaching useful. Our work will focus on the present and look forward to the future. I am not a psychologist and cannot diagnose or medically treat you. What I can do is educate where needed, provide a safe space for you to explore, and keep you on track while you design your life and live it. Sometimes I will be warm and understanding but sometimes I might need to ask a question that feels a bit direct to help move things forward. Overall, my commitment is that you claim your birthright of sexual wellbeing!

How does sex coaching work?

First, we’ll have a quick (10-20min) phone call to meet and get a preliminary idea of what you’d like to work on. If you choose to proceed, I’ll send you a sex history questionnaire via email. Please take the time to complete this and email it back to me before our first session. Although I am generally not focused on your past, your history holds clues to who you are today and this information will help me guide you through our process and reach your goals sooner. Our sessions can be in person or via Skype/FaceTime and will last 60 minutes. We will talk only (no show and tell) and you’ll have assignments to do on your own between sessions.

So, I don’t have to get naked?

No, thanks! If you choose to be naked while talking on the phone, that is your business, but I will not ask you to undress during sessions. Ever. We also will not have any sort of physical body contact. You might have to remove clothing to complete home assignments, but you’ll be on your own or with a partner of your choosing.

If this sounds good and you’re interested in learning more now, email me: celina@delightfulmischief.com